How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iOS and APK

You can try Spotify Premium free by using the Spotify free trial service for 30 days, 60 days, 3 months, and even 6 months. But after the trial time, you must pay for the premium. …

download spotify++

You can try Spotify Premium free by using the Spotify free trial service for 30 days, 60 days, 3 months, and even 6 months. But after the trial time, you must pay for the premium. Another way to get Spotify Premium free is to install Spotify++. Spotify++ is a modified version of the Spotify app. Not only does it contain all the features of Spotify, but there are some additional features of Spotify Premium.

But currently, you can’t download Spotify++ on the third-party App Store’s website. Spotify++ is unavailable in the App Store, and the install button is inactive. This article is about how to download and install Spotify++ for free, without jailbreaking your phone, and 100% working.

download spotify++

Spotify Free VS Spotify Premium

Have you decided to upgrade your Spotify Free account to a Spotify Premium account, but you’re still wondering if it’s worth and if so, what are the benefits of doing so? Choosing between Spotify Free and Premium versions is complicated, especially if you want a smooth music listening experience on your iDevice.

Take a look at these Spotify Free vs. Premium subscription comparisons and see why you need the latter.


Premium $9.99/M

Shuffle Play Shuffle Play

Ad Free

Unlimited Skips

Listen Offline

Play Any Track

High-Quality Audio

As you can see, the Premium version is much more powerful than the Free version, but the Premium version costs a lot. How can you get it for free?

Spotify Premium Subscriptions Rates

There are three subscription plans for Spotify premium. These include the Individual, Student, and Family. All the premium plans offer the ability to stream and listen to music offline, no ad interruptions, unlimited functionality, including the ability to play all of your fav songs, and unlimited skips.

1 Spotify Individual account for $ 9.99/ month

  • Ads are free while playing music
  • Unlimited functionality, which allows you to skip a large chuck of tracks

6 Spotify Family accounts for $ 14.99 /month.

  • No need to jailbreak your iPod, iPad, or iPhone during installation
  • Easy and free to download and install

Spotify Student accounts for $ 4.99 / month.

  • Compatible with any iDevices, including the latest iOS 15 version.

Hack Features of Spotify++

You can choose Spotify++ instead. Spotify++ includes almost all features of Spotify Premium.

The Features include:

  • Streaming without Ads
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Better Sound Quality
  • Listen Offline

You can get Spotify++ for free, and 100% working.

How to Download and Install Spotify++

You can no longer get the download link for Spotify++ on the website. But you can get it through the app. I recommend you use the Panda Helper app here.

1. Download and install Panda Helper first. How to download Panda Helper.

2. Launch Panda Helper and search for Spotify, you can see a list of Spotify++. You can see a Spotify++ app and some Spotify color versions with different color themes.

search for spotify

3. If you have installed Spotify’s original version, you must uninstall it first. Otherwise, the modified version will fail to install. Choose Spotify++, tap on Download and wait for the installation process is complete.

4. If the last versions of Spotify++ won’t work on your device, you can try color versions: Spotify Blue, White & Orange.


Before we conclude, it’s cool if you learn about these frequently asked questions about Panda Helper and Spotify++. Here are some of them.

Will I receive updates for Spotify++?

Of course, yes! The first thing to get is a popup notification through the Panda Helper app once a new Spotify++ app version is available for download.

How do I get Spotify Premium for free?

It’s simple! You can go to Panda Helper and search for Spotify++. Spotify++ includes almost all premium features of Spotify Premium.

Can I download songs with Spotify++?

Absolutely Yes! You have about 3,333 songs to download and listen to later while offline in the Spotify client.

Is Spotify the same as Pandora?

While Pandora is meant to help users discover their fav music matches, Spotify focuses on improving the experience of listening to their cool music. Honestly, it’s all about you choosing which app you want.

Is it safe to Install Panda Helper on my device?

100% SAFE. Indeed, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad device during installation, unlike other non-hacked versions making it a secure application. Remember, the app doesn’t mess up your device’s internal storage.

Final thoughts about Spotify ++ iOS 

Now that you know why the Spotify Premium account offers amazing music listening abilities, such as free ads and unlimited functionality, it’s time to relax and enjoy your fav music on your iPad or iPhone just at any time. Besides, if you have a question you want clarification on, please feel free to put it in our comments section below. We’ll be more than happy to answer you shortly. We would also love to know about your experience using this tweaked Spotify version on your iPad/iPhone.

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