How to Get YouTube Premium for Free

YouTube Premium is so valuable and so expensive that many people are looking for ways to get YouTube Premium for free. Content Summary Routine Method Use YouTube Plus Version to Get YouTube Premium Youtube++ Cercube …


YouTube Premium is so valuable and so expensive that many people are looking for ways to get YouTube Premium for free.

Content Summary

Routine Method

Wow, it’s time to enjoy YouTube Premium for 12 months nonstop.

For how long have you been using YouTube together with its Premium services? Good news, if you’ve been on it for over 6 years, it’s your time to get a fantastic pay-off deal.

YouTube offers a fantastic yearly subscription if you fulfill the abovementioned conditions. Do you think you’re in?

There is a suggestion that anyone who has been using a YouTube Premium subscription for 3,199,680 minutes or 2222 days should receive a notification from YouTube confirming the time to celebrate.

The notification further highlighted that those users would receive a free YouTube Premium service lasting 12 months.

Now, if you’ve been using YouTube for the last six years, it’s time to embrace yourself for some good news, Surprise! It’s essential to understand that YouTube Premium features two apps-namely YouTube and YouTube Music. These apps offer ads-free content streaming as well as support background play.

Use YouTube Plus Version to Get YouTube Premium

Have you considered getting a permanent YouTube Premium through the hack version?

Hello everyone; I’ll share how to get a permanent YouTube Premium account for free.

Yes, it’s possible, guys, to enjoy YouTube Premium at no cost while taking care of your data; it’s safe with no data stealing or data leak.

At Least you want to play your YouTube videos and play YouTube music while at the same time multitasking. It is not only straightforward but also a legal method of using YouTube Premium features.

Want a permanent YouTube Premium account for free? Try these two YouTube Premium versions by Panda Helper.

Youtube++ Cercube

youtube ++ cercube

App Info:

  • Developer: @freemanrepo
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Version: 17.33.2
  • Update: 2022-08-30
  • Languages: English, Simplified Chinese
  • App Size: 47.60MB
  • Compatible with iOS 10.0 later versions, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

To run this app on your device;

  • First, you need to uninstall the original youtube app from your device.
  • Second, create a free Cercube account.
  • Third, log in to your new YouTube++ Cercube to activate the full mod features.

Besides, you need to consider installing a YouTube Vanced app on your device and experience the excellent sexy YouTube UI. You can also use your account to log in.

YouTube uYou

youtube uyou

App Info:

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Version: 17.36.3
  • Size: 106.00MB
  • Update: 2022-09-15

YouTube uYou App Description.

  • NoYTPremium: The feature allows you to do away with YouTube Premium alerts, i.e., upsells.
  • iSponsorBlock helps skip Sponsor segments in your YouTube videos.
  • You Pip: Activates native PiP in your YouTube app.
  • YTUHD: helps unlock the 2160p resolutions in your iOS YouTube hacked app.
  • YTClassicVideoQuality helps change the original video quality sector.
  • YTYTABGoodies: Features include YouRememberCaption, YouAreThere, and YTNo, which helps check YTSystemAppearance and Local Network.
  • YTNoShorts Gets rid of all Shorts from your YouTube App.
  • Scraps off suggested videos showing up as thumbnails replicating after a YouTube video session.
  • Removed channel watermarks.

YouTube Vanced

youtube vanced

App Info:

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Version: 14.21.54
  • Size: 63.61 MB
  • Update: 2022/05/20
  • For Android users

It’s time to enjoy your favorite channels and videos on youtube without ads. Besides, why not watch videos on the Background screen on your YouTube app?

YouTube Vanced app Features.

  • You don’t have to root your device to install the app.
  • It is not necessary to uninstall your official YouTube app since you can install it alongside the original YouTube.
  • It works perfectly on Chromecast.
  • Includes ads blocking method.
  • The simplified mod enables background playback.
  • Easy to enable or disable background playback through app settings.

Benefits of using Tweaked YouTube iOS App

As mentioned earlier, you can download YouTube ++ and YouTube Music++ apps from Panda Helper AppStore. These apps amplify your entertainment on YouTube beyond your expectations. Benefits include:

  • Watch your favorite videos without ads disturbances
  • Download your favorite videos and watch them later while offline
  • Play music and watch videos while playing in the background
  • Play picture-in-picture
  • Turn off background play or customize its settings

Troubleshooting (FAQS)

How to Change Your YouTube Light Mode to Dark Mode Theme

Since the introduction of the YouTube dark theme, many users have welcomed it, and amazingly YouTube iOS has also included the dark mode theme in its OS.

Maybe you could wonder how to put the YouTube dark mode on your iOS device. We have used YouTube iOS as an example to learn how to change your YouTube from light mode to dark mode.

  • Login to your Tube++ 2022 account
  • Click on the avatar located at the top right corner
  • Move to “Setting,” then “General,” and finally to dark theme
  • Tap to turn on the switch. Your YouTube theme will change to a dark theme. There you’re. The procedure is the same even when using an Android device

How to Get YouTube Music Premium Features for Free

Another feature you’ll enjoy from using the YouTube Premium account is YouTube music. The app is produced by Google and is a globally established music player featuring all popular music on YouTube.

It also features copyright of the star’s trendy music albums, music one-click search, and online playback of global music. Indeed, YouTube Music iOS is an app you should miss if you’re a great music fan.

Another benefit of subscribing to YouTube Music is that you can listen to music offline, ad-free, and can listen to music even when your phone is off-screen, i.e., background music playing. 

If you’re looking forward to downloading and installing the YouTube++ and YouTube Music ++, i.e., the hacked version of the original app, Panda Helper is your destination.

Once you have the Panda Helper app installed, you can download YouTube Music++ iOS on your device and enjoy these amazing music services that would, in a real sense, cost you a great deal of money.

If you want to download the YouTube++ app from Panda Helper, simply consider How to install iOS apps by using Panda Helper.

Remember, YouTube Music ++ is available for Android and iOS.The procedure is the same when downloading the YouTube Music app for iOS and Android. Another great youtube music++ app alternative is Spotify++, with great music features.

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