Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Review

What about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery review? That is to spend much more money to realize your dream. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the story of Hogwarts before Harry Potter. It is your own story …

harry potter hogwearts mystery

What about Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery review? That is to spend much more money to realize your dream.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the story of Hogwarts before Harry Potter. It is your own story of magic. As a first-year student, you’re already a celebrity before you even get to school — because your older brother caused a stir at Hogwarts and is still missing. Will you be the new storm or the revealer and rescuer of Hogwarts mysteries?

harry potter hogwearts mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Review

I will review the game in four areas: gameplay and mechanics, game graphics, game story and characters, and player immersion.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Score: ★★☆☆☆

I can’t give a high score with the gameplay and mechanics of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The game is a story-driven adventure game with a costume system and mini-game. The game’s core content is to play as a boy wizard and spend seven years learning and adventure in Hogwarts.

However, the game mechanic is not complete the stage to advance the story but consumes energy to increase the progress bar. It also takes enough time to recharge, and there’s a cooldown between episodes. Therefore, in the process of playing the game, players will constantly be interrupted by the game because of the waiting time, affecting the game experience.

In addition, there are mini-games to spice things up, but they are so dull that they are more of a hassle than fun.

Game Graphics

Score: ★★★☆☆
The game graphics are not very good. Although you can character customization freely, the material doesn’t look good and has a shallow degree of freedom. So the player may be dissatisfied with the final surface. However, the game NPC images, such as the image of professors, are very reductive, and facial expressions are also vibrant.

Character customization

The game scene uses the horizontal version design, which is not very convenient when operating. The reducibility to Hogwarts is good, and the Fantastic Beasts are cute!

Game Story and Characters

Score: ★★★★★

What kept me going was the game story and characters. The timeline is set before Harry Potter, just before Harry became the boy who survived. So it’s our story; we’re the main characters!

Not only will you meet other game original friends, but you’ll also interact with Bill, Charlie, Tonks, Cedric, and other original characters. The teachers are the characters you know from the Harry Potter story — the good-natured and funny Headmaster Dumbledore, the giant bat, the curious Quirrell who hasn’t become a Death Eater, and so on. It’s touching on spending time with these people.

What I like about this game is that although you are not Harry, you also have a lot of good friends and teachers around you who support and understand you. The game’s original characters are also lovable! Rowan is a best friend who would do anything for you, and Penny is a cute girl.

Player Immersion

Score: ★★★★★

The player immersion in this game is excellent. We all know that house selection is an integral part of the Harry Potter series, and there are slight variations in the story of each house in the game. This means that every player’s experience in this game will not be the same. And the player id to set the first and last name, with your relationship of people will be different to you with other titles. These small details improve the player’s immersion.

Overall Score

Score: ★★★★☆

If you are a player who prefers game stories or role-play, or if you are a fan of Harry Potter, the game is worth trying. The game story is exclusive to the player and gives the player a glimpse of what Hogwarts used to be. The whole magical world of the game is easy to immerse in. You can also play the game with a hack version or a modified tool, saving you time to recover and cool down, making the game a better experience.

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