7 Best Movie Apps: Watch Movies and TV Shows for Free on iOS

Video streaming is now part of our daily norm—people don’t mind paying for Hulu and Netflix services, and some engage in cord-cutting. However, not everyone is privileged to pay for the hundreds of dollars of …

Video streaming is now part of our daily norm—people don’t mind paying for Hulu and Netflix services, and some engage in cord-cutting. However, not everyone is privileged to pay for the hundreds of dollars of subscription services annually. The good news is that we have so many movie apps offering similar or even better movie services. Today, we can access many movies on movie apps for free without the hassle and with multiple options. Here are some of the best movie apps where you can watch your fav TV shows and movies for free on your iOS device.

7 Best Movie Apps

1. Popcorn Time

popcorn time  

Popcorn Time was created due to many designers and developers putting a wide range of APIs together to make your experience of watching your favorite torrent movies as simple and exciting as possible. The latest and improved Popcorn Time version allows users to watch TV shows and movies online just for free yet with SD subtitles or HD with subtitles. Amazingly, you can access the app worldwide on your iPhone device to watch great movies wherever you’re located. Be sure be accessed the best torrents from the binding sites at any time. Features include; No restrictions. You can watch TV series and movies unlimitedly.

As long as you’re connected to the internet. Best quality movies. Streamline HD movies and the subtitles. Awesome catalog. Popcorn finds the most classic version possible to start your streaming right at the start.

2. MovieBox 


MovieBox App is a streaming service that lets you stream your best movies and shows so that you don’t miss them, especially when you’re busy with your daily schedules. However, unlike the regular streaming services where you need a credit card to subscribe, the MovieBox app is free to use, yet you can access a wide range of movies and shows. Indeed it is among the best free TV series and movie streaming apps for iPhones. MovieBox Pro APK’s newest update version features a fantastic interface with an arousing logo. MovieBox APK is not only simple to use but also has an outstanding performance. The app features various sections for easier usability, including news, TV shows, Trailers, and rating section. However, the offline watching feature is only available on the MovieBox Pro app. Remember, all you need is to sign up for your free account and start streaming your fav TV series and movies. 

3. Crackle


For your information, Crackle was formerly known as Sony Crackle and Groper. It is a video streaming service established in 2004. After two years in the market, the service was sold to Sony Pictures in 2016 and retained its name Crackle. The name Sony was later added to its name to have Sony Crackle. How is it to watch free movies on Sony Crackle on your iPhone screen?

Movies are well organized according to their popularity, and the list is updated daily. This way, you can easily pick the latest movies. For instance, if you’re fun of horror movies, then we have a section for comedy movies or horror movies on Crackle, which makes sorting much more accessible. Let our filters help you search your preferences. Yeah, it is that simple! So, if you’re a great fan of Crackle movies, I recommend you Bookmark this page to ensure that you get the best movies immediately after the release.

 4. Viki


Are you a fan of watching TV Shows, Movies, and subtitles in Asian Dramas from China, Korea, Japan, and Thailand anywhere, anytime? If that is the case, then Rakuten Viki is the answer. This Movie and TV show streaming app allows you to access thousands of high-quality HD content anywhere. The app features a wide range of collections of award-winning Shows and Asian Movies, including Chinese Dramas, Korean Movies, and Kdramas, among others. Why is Viki the most outstanding Asian Shows and Movies app? The app lets you stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and Asian Dramas. Watch all popular Asian shows, including Ghost Doctor, True Beauty, Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, Heirs, The Sword and the Brocade, Nirvana in Fire, Falling into your Smile, and Go Go Squid, among others. Enjoy unique features and engage with our community. The app includes multi-language subtitles, a variety of fantastic movies, and shows in over 150 languages. The volunteer community helps overcome the language barriers and facilitates spreading the best Asian performance all over Asia.

5. CotoMovies


Just like you enjoy breathing fresh air, CotoMovies has the same feeling as ardent movie watches. In a world where accessing high-quality content is expensive, we need an app that allows us to access everything for free. Luckily, CotoMovies is an established cross-platform application with access to thousands of classic movies and TV shows from all global communities. Moreover, the app supports over 250 languages, so you can enjoy your fav content in a language you better understand. Very few apps allow iOS device users to access the content at no cost, but this is not the case with Coto movies. 

One of the most excellent features of Coto Movies is that even if you still own your old iPhone device, you can watch your fav Coto Movies on iPhone devices from version 9.0 and above. If you prefer using an Android device or a PC, you still have a chance to watch these movies. Installing the app is simple; apart from the direct download method, pros can still use the Cydia Impactor, TweakBox, or AppValley and still get the same experience in using the app.

 6. ZiniTevi


 If you genuinely love worldly-developed TV shows, web shows, short movies, and classic movies, consider the ZiniTevi app. However, the only issue with the free access to the app’s streaming content is that the ZiniTevi app is ad-rich which sometimes creates a nuisance by frequently interrupting streamers. The good news, you can skip such intimidation by downloading the ad-free ZiniTevi app. The modified app includes additional features not available in the official app. Unique features about this app include; It is a futuristic app of the official app which means that it contains additional features not available in the official app. Stream TV Shows, Movies, and Short Movies without disturbances from ads.

7. MediaBox HD

media box hd

As the name suggests, MediaBox HD is an iOS Application software for TV series and Movies. The app features a massive collection of global TV series and Movies. The app provides high-quality videos on almost all devices, such as Firestick, iOS, Android TV Box, and Android smartphones. That said, it is the best Movie app to watch your movies anywhere in the world. MediaBox is one app currently giving TVs stiff competition, and we can confidently say that it is the number one TV series and Video streaming app. Features include; Video contents are high-quality, HD quality, you can download a movie and watch it later, and the app is very user-friendly, mainly due to its excellent smooth interface.


The most important aspect of the above video streaming app is that you can access a large pool of great movies and TV shows at no charge. However, some apps are much better than others regarding features like ads, content quality, and quantity. Among the seven apps, MediaBox HD carries the day as the best Movie app in 2022. Download your fav app today and start watching your favorite TV series or Movie directly on your iPhone device.

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