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Many players are looking for Among Us Hacks version. Among Us! is an online multiplayer social deduction game published by Innersloth. It’s an addictive game you’ll play with your friends all day. Among Us Hacks …

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Many players are looking for Among Us Hacks version. Among Us! is an online multiplayer social deduction game published by Innersloth. It’s an addictive game you’ll play with your friends all day. Among Us Hacks versions of free skin, hats and pets will also make you look different and add fun to the game!

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Among Us! takes place space-themed, and players look like colorful armless cartoon astronauts; It has four maps: The “Skelder” spaceship, the skyscraper “MIRA HQ,” the “Polus” planetary station, and the “Airship.” Each player can choose one role: a Crewmate or an Impostor. Crewmates can choose Engineers, Scientists, or Guardian Angels. (New characters added after November 2021)

Crewmate or Impostor

The game is a multiplayer game for 4-15 players. In the beginning, Crewmates are assigned to complete mini-games or puzzles around the map, such as fixing wires or downloading data, to complete maintenance work on vital systems.

Impostors also get task lists, but they’re fake. They can only pretend to do tasks on the ship. Impostors can sabotage vital systems, close doors to rooms, quickly and secretly pass through venting, and kill Crewmates standing nearby. Each map has various surveillance systems to help the Crewmates identify Impostors. The Crewmates can also confirm their identity with animations played for other players that Impostors cannot fake.


If a player is ejected, he will become a ghost. Ghosts can watch other players’ activities and can help other players completer tasks or perform sabotage. Ghosts can communicate with other ghosts anytime while living players can only communicate during meetings.

Emergency Meeting

The living player can call a group meeting by reporting a dead body or pressing the Emergency Meeting button on the map. But during major sabotages, the Emergency Meeting button can not be used. The Emergency Meeting is for players to discuss who is an Impostor. A plurality vote is then taken, and if a player gets a majority vote, he will be ejected from the map and become a ghost. Unless a majority of the Crewmates choose to skip the vote or there is a tie.

Win Conditions

For Crewmates:

Complete all tasks, or identify and eject all Impostors.

For Impostors:

Kill most of the Crewmates, or sabotage a critical system.

Among Us! Win Tips

For Crewmate:

  1. Be the No.1 player to complete a task.

At the beginning of the game, no one is dead. If you complete a task quickly, it can make you 90% verified, and the taskbar will increase.

  1. Don’t complete tasks alone.

After playing the game for a while, don’t go off yourself. Because Impostor is more likely to kill a loner, there are no witnesses to the process.

  1. Act yourself as a Crewmate.

If other players find you are performing a medbay scan, or throwing trash in the storage area, they will judge you as a Crewmate, reducing the risk of being ejected.

  1. Watch others do visual tasks.

If you see someone doing a task, watch him do it. When he completes the task, but no animation has played, most likely, Impostor is doing fake tasks. You can call an Emergency Meeting to eject him.

For Impostor:

  1. Pretend to do a task.

Stand and wait at the mission point for a while when other players approach and pretend you’ve completed the task. This will make others less suspicious of you.

  1. Make a trap.

You can destroy something to make a trap. If a Crewmate comes and repairs, you can kill him by surprise.

  1. Frame someone.

When someone finds you near a dead body, you need to give a reasonable explanation or frame him. If others trust your explanation, your suspicion will be reduced, and you may frame someone successfully.

  1. Defend a real crew

Defend an innocent crew at the right time; this will help you gain trust. The crew you protect will see you as an ally, and the other crews will consider you as trustworthy and won’t vote you out.

Among Us Hacks Features

Among Us! isn’t just about tasks and Emergency Meetings; it has many cosmetic options, including spacesuit colors, skins, hats, and pets. But in the original version of the game, they are paid downloadable content. In Among Us Hack iOS, they are all free.

The iOS hack features include:

  • Unlocked Skins, Pets, and Hats
  • No ADS
among us hacks features unlocked pets

Among Us Mod APK looks more helpful. The mod apk features include:

  • Show Crew/Impostor
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • End Vote
  • Move In Meeting
  • Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
  • No Meeting Cooldown
  • No Door Cooldown [Impostors]
  • Sabotage Lights
  • Repair Sabotage
  • Torch Distance

With these features, you can win in a breeze.

How to download Among Us Hacks?

You can download Among Us Hack from the following download button or launch Panda Helper to search for it.

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