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Stardew Valley is a role-playing video game developed and published by ConcernedApe. In 2018, the game was available for mobile phones. Stardew Valley, a farming and gathering simulator, is a 2D farming game that allows …

stardew valley

Stardew Valley is a role-playing video game developed and published by ConcernedApe. In 2018, the game was available for mobile phones. Stardew Valley, a farming and gathering simulator, is a 2D farming game that allows players to grow their food and raise their animals while taking a more casual approach to farming than traditional games. 

stardew valley

In it, a humble young farmer named Stevie lives in the fictional small town of Valley-Town and is struggling to keep his farm afloat. The game is in a post-apocalyptic world, where the player can grow crops, mine for ores, and find resources. This is done by relaxing, getting married, and having kids, which allows for a large amount of gameplay variety.

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The player resumes the role of a protagonist farmer taking care of his grandfather’s farm. He’s responsible for developing and managing the whole farm. Although not all gamers like this style, the game features an inspiring, pixelated style, especially in this modern blockbuster gaming. However, the almost open free play, pure and aggressive natural game style makes most players want to indulge in this game.

From a technical perspective, the game is just less than a gigabyte of its total size. Although it is amazingly rich in features, all elements are incredibly intricate and connected, thus making the game quite interesting.

The player must utilize their day-to-day energy when completing their daily production and the external world from the player farm. Many players indeed opt to live in this small town, thus making the game quite interesting. Moreover, the game can play as a stand-alone; yes, do it alone, but you can also find an online friend and enjoy it together.

Once you start the game, the player has a chance to create their best characters by pinching people. Besides, the surfaces come in various hairstyles, skin colors, and other unique accessories.

Each player has five different life skills: mining, gathering, fishing, farming, and fighting. Each skill further features ten levels, so a player has to unlock the skill level to unlock the various items.


The beach has a fantastic fishing scene, although the actual fishing is quite tricky, especially if you haven’t bought a training rod for practicing at first.

You will come across six farm maps you can choose from in this game. Each map offers a unique farm layout with different benefits and special skill bonuses. You can decide to select a single format at the beginning of the game, and you must be very keen since it is impossible to change it later. Standard farms come with a maximum acreage enough to keep livestock and farming. The other five farm types have reduced arable area but offer special bonuses to complement them.

Five Farm Stypes

The standard farm is better for farming, while the river farm is better for large-scale fishing.

The forest farm is better for large-scale foraging.

Mountaintop farms are perfect for mining activities.

Wilderness farms are excellent for combat endeavors.

Four Corners farms are the most cooperative.

Beach farms feature additional items that encourage fishing and foraging.

You can adjust the interior decoration of your farmhouse depending on the type of farm you’re operating.

Besides, you can use the abandoned house on each map to serve the purpose of a greenhouse.

The picture above depicts the layout of a standard farm.

Note that people who dwell in and around the farm town are the villagers in Stardew Valley. They usually use their calendars so players can only come across different villagers at different times, places, and dates according to their unique daily schedules.

Villagers offer the various quests, and a generous player can decide to give them gifts to increase cooperation and bond. Remember, each villager has their unique preferences and dislikes and will respond differently to their gifts.

Item Enhancement

A player has a chance to their ingots and coins or even (raw ore) when looking forward to upgrading their farm tools and gears in the blacksmith shop. It can take about two days to upgrade the tools fully, but if the blacksmith is on another task or not on duty, it will finish in the third day. Tool upgrade is only done in a sequence. For example, it is impossible to directly upgrade your Copper tools to iridium ones. A tooltip will pop up precisely on the morning of upgrading, except if the blacksmith is away off duty.

It is also possible to enchant late items- players can also transport any tool or weapon (return sickle and ward, or even purge tray) for 20 volcanic spars and one multicolored shard.

However, only enchantment can happen per tool or weapon, which means that a player cannot choose the magic to apply, although it is possible for a player to re-enchant with an extra colorful shard. 

The tool will track at least the first two enhancements applied to them. The last two existing enchantments cannot be re-selected when a player uses an enchantment.

Pierre’s Shop

Pierre’s shop

The above picture shows the front side of Pierre’s shop, players usually pass through this place.

Here, kind requests for held come randomly daily on the bulletin board display; located outside Pierre’s latest grocery store. Here, a player is sometimes rewarded with precious gold rocks or friendship points.

A yellowed exclamation mark pops out once a new task pops out before the bulletin board. Immediately after the player receives a help request, usually, the player has a maximum of two days to have it done, i.e., the day when it was received and the following day. 

A player is also allowed to marry their favorite NPCs, and subsequently, you can decide to have offspring or not. However, it would be best to keep going after NPCs, i.e., giving them regular gifts you find a favorite for them. Remember, you can easily find Playthroughs on Stardew Valley Wiki. Are you fun of Stardew Valley? If yes, have you married any NPC, and which one?

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