8 Ball Pool Hack Review

a modified version of the original 8 Ball Pool. 8 Ball Pool Hack only adds the game props, does not affect the original version operation experience, also does not affect the game online battle.

8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool is a famous 8-ball mobile game, and 8 Ball Pool Hack is a modified version of the original 8 Ball Pool. 8 Ball Pool Hack only adds the game props, does not affect the original version operation experience, also does not affect the game online battle.

8-ball, also known as solids and stripes, is a pool billiard with cue sticks, six pockets, sixteen billiard balls on a billiard table, and fifteen object balls.

The object balls comprise seven solid-colored balls numbered from 1 to 7, seven striped balls numbered 9 to 15, and a black ball numbered 8. A player can be assigned either the group of striped or solid balls after scattering the balls with a break shot and after legally pocketing a ball from a group.

The game’s object is to legally pocket the black 8-ball in an “assigned” pocket. A player can only do this after clearing all the assigned groups of balls from the table.

The game is among the most frequently played in the discipline of the pool, thus synonymously known as the “pool” table. The game has wide variations depending on the region. The game takes the second position from the 9-ball game as a professional pool game.


It’s time to have fun and relax. Hit these breathtaking shots with this free online 8-ball pool game. How to play an 8-Ball Pool game online. Before you start playing the 8-ball pool game online, you can choose the accessible, medium, or hard gaming level. The more complicated the class, the more accurate your opponent’s shots will be.

Your objective is to pocket your assigned colored balls while countering the opponent from achieving the same. Once you pocket the seven pool balls, your next move is to pocket the black ball( eight ball), after which you win the game hence the name of the game- 8-ball pool. The black ball must also be pocketed precisely in the chosen pocket. Otherwise, you lose the game instantly.

How to Win in an 8 Ball Pool Game

  • Take your time

When playing the 8-ball pool game, make sure you stay calm; no need to be anxious even when the timer is almost running out. Note that rushing to take a shot is the most common way to make a mistake. A single slip of your finger and your opponent takes over.

  • Extend your Aim.

It would help if you played 8-ball pool like an expert by extending your target. Direction markers are a great way of achieving this but more importantly is a piece of paper. Fill the aiming line with reports for ultimate accuracy.

  • Install 8 ball pool mod

8 ball pool mod has the extend Aim Guideline, manke players easy to win.

This 8 Ball Pool unlimited guideline hack aims to help you win and earn many coins in each game. Our working 8 Ball Pool Mod apk features five different play modes; Play 1-on-1 game, Play Special, Play Minigames, Play with friends, and Practise.

Play 1 on 1

play 1 on 1

Play 1-on-1 mode. Playing this mode means the system helps you to look for unfamiliar but challenging opponents. Two players each place a bet with 25 chips, and the player who carries the game receives the grand prize of 50 chips.

Play Special

play special

Play Special. In this mode, random players join the competitive challenges in the NPC league. A player is required to defeat a mighty opponent to get away to advance their current game level to the subsequent game level. A player is required to pay a small fee to enter the league, but in the case of winning, the player receives an excellent bonus.

Play Minigames

play minigames

Joystick machine. A player can bet using a joystick machine game. However, a player needs to spend their money to play the game, and sometimes they can receive amazing, unexpectedly large chips.

Play With friends

play with facebook friends

Play with friends. This mod requires you to log in to your Facebook account to access it. You can choose to play against your Facebook friends. If you don’t have good friends, you will play with unfamiliar friends.


practice mod

Practice: Players meet with well-matched NPCs as their primary opponents in this mode. This is a zone of continuous learning, improvement, and growth. It is common to see two friends come to practice how to use two hands during their free time.

What is the Use of Game Props in an 8 Ball Pool?

Extend Aim Guidelines

With your primary cue, after you line up your cue ball with the targeted ball, you will see concise lines showing you the most likely direction the ball will roll once you release your cue stick. However, the short lines do not reach the pocket, which may not give accurate results. A great way to overcome this and make a better aim is to place a piece of paper. You can post a note or just something having a straight edge closely. Once you line up your shot, firmly hold the straight lines between the pocket you’re aiming to sink and the aiming lines. This will give you a better idea that your aim is very accurate. Take your time but preferably, do it quickly since the clock doesn’t wait for you.

Increase Maximum Spin

Generally, to achieve the maximum spin, you need to chalk and prepare for a great tip. It’s time to hit the cue ball; for excellent results, ensure the ball rolls as far-right or left of the center as possible without miscuing. For practice, a striped ball is more advantageous since the stripe’s width is typically half the diameter of the ball. Besides, the stripe edges border the miscue limit (half the ball radius from the center).

Increase Overall Power

Do you know that you get points that increase your overall power any time you win, upgrade a cue, or buy a new cue? The rare a cue is, the more points you get once you buy or upgrade it. Your overall power rank increases every time you get to a particular collection power milestone. Each level comes with its prices, such as calling Cash, Avatars, Stickers, Minigames, and Chat Packs.

8 Ball Pool Hack

Players need 8 Ball Pool cheats. Recently, the long-dormant 8 Ball Pool Hack has finally update. While ever, the hack feature is only to extend Aim Guideline (there is also this function in the game props, but the guideline in the hack version is longer and does not require money). Even this tiny change is enough to make players willing to get it since it represents a significant increase in the chance of winning a single match.

extend aim guideline


  • It is easy to play.
  • A player can challenge their friends as well as strangers.
  • The game is super enjoyable, i.e., addictive.


  • You can get a temporary ban.

You can install 8 Ball Pool Hack by using Panda Helper. If the Panda Helper free version is not available, you need to install Panda Helper VIP version to get the hack version.

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