Bloons TD 6 Review

Overview Bloons TD is a series of games, the first released in 2007. The most recent one is Bloons TD 6, introduced in this article. Bloons TD is a tower defense game; the player has …

bloons td 6


Bloons TD is a series of games, the first released in 2007. The most recent one is Bloons TD 6, introduced in this article.

Bloons TD is a tower defense game; the player has to lead an army of monkeys to defend against various balloon invasions. The game is a 3D painting style. Bloons TD 6 not only has more monkeys, but also many levels, and each level is divided into multiple difficulties; even after completing a certain level, you can continue to challenge the endless mode.

In addition to the single-player mode, the game also offers to play social; Bloons TD 6 is a multi-platform game; not only PCs, iPhones, and Android phones can also play the work at any time. And through the official website of the accounting system, you can achieve multi-platform data interoperability so that you can play anywhere, anytime.

bloons td 6

Basic introduction

Wizard monkeys can only use the basic type at the beginning, and you need to gain experience by completing maps to improve the player’s level before you can unlock more monkeys.

Each monkey needs the experience to upgrade. The monkeys that have evolved to their ultimate form are very powerful.

bloons td 6 monkey

The game also provides vast monkey knowledge. you can strengthen a certain type of monkey to make them more powerful. There are quite a few heroes in this game, 12 of them in total.

The maximum level of each hero is 20, and each level has different ability bonuses.

The difficulty levels are Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert.


Knowledge is similar to the talent tree and provides some passive ability bonuses. If your level is greater than 30, you can unlock the knowledge system.

As you can see, Monkey Knowledge have: Primary, Military, Magic, Support, Heroes, and Powers.

It takes 130 points to complete all Monkey Knowledge, so players must go to the achievement to make up for the remaining knowledge points.


The heart in the upper left corner is your life value, and the game will end when it is zero. Next to the hearts are coins, you can use coins to buy monkey units and their upgrades. The right column is your monkey unit, and the green arrow below it is the button to start your turn. The yellow lightning bolt at the bottom right is where you can use power and instant monkeys.

bloons td 6 map

In the map, the green arrows represent where the balloons are coming in, and the red arrows represent where the balloons are leaving, so our goal is to break them before they leave.

You cannot put the monkey unit on top of roads and obstacles; you can only put them on a flat and large enough area.

Enemy Balloons

Enemy balloons referred to as “Bloons” in-game, have 23 types in Bloons TD 6, many of which also have special effects such as exploding or dropping spiked balls as they pop. Typically, they are popped all at once, regardless of type or color.

Other effects include providing an extra dart or boomerang to be thrown. In later Bloons games, there were also Bloons that required multiple taps to pop, such as the Helium Bloon, which would float after being touched once and then could be touched again before popping.

Opinions on Bloons TD 6

There are 22 types of units in the game, each with 15 upgrades, which sounds good, but in practice, you will encounter some problems, among which I think the biggest problem is the design of upgrade unlocking.

  1. The experience required for each unit’s 4th and 5th upgrades is very high, and the player needs to spend a short period to unlock it.
  2. The upgrade speed of Monkey Village is very slow. What’s the problem with this? The problem is that you must endure a long period with no variability before enjoying the units’ variability. When you can easily unlock them, it is very difficult to upgrade them because the upgrade gold requirement in the game is too high, so even if you have unlocked the upgrade, it is still very difficult to play the upgrade in the game, which will produce a phenomenon that the pain is not proportional to the reward.

Enemy repetition is too high; the first map can encounter the same enemy as the last map, even if the order of the troops are almost the same (the difference is in the different route of the troops).

The game’s process is very long, and design daily tasks hope you play every day; every place is like squeezing toothpaste, I wouldn’t say I like this design.


Overall, this is a good game. The game is worth playing again and again. If you like this kind of game mode, you can consider downloading the Bloons TD 6 app on Panda Helper, or you can play the original version with the modified version, which will let you play for a long time.

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